Lackawanna Pizzeria

Happy Customer Quote:

Go for the great subs/great value: Take-out with 8 tables, down to earth workers. Once a week, I go here for the subs, almost always a cheap special available and when it is turkey I get it! The rolls in the subs are wonderful, whole wheat is available and good, they get toasted unless you specify otherwise. The cappicola is another favorite of mine. Enjoy friends!!

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Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Customer Love Us!

Customer Quote: Not to be considered your ordinary Pizza takeout or delivery place, this Pizzeria is a winner among us savvy pizza place goers. Forget Pizza Hut, Pappa Johns and others, this place will make you scream for pizza, subs, wings & others. Open at 11AM daily and serving a huge area, this place will get your order to you quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!

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Good Food. Great Prices. Great Service!